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  • Tracks the DRAFT performance of your favorite Pro teams
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  • Provides players stats for every drafted player.
  • We provide league level draft performance as well as team level analysis.

How Do I use Draft TracKing?

  • Click on "Draft picks and stats by team" to see a complete list on all players drafted by team (since team or draft inception).
  • Click on "Draft performance by team" to see detailed analysis by team. Here you can see wgo the best drafting GMs are, who the top drafted players are, and overall team draft performance.
  • Click on the "2018 Mock Draft" link to see Draft pick projectections by team for all 7 draft rounds. Look for live updates on Draft day!
  • Click on the "NHL Draft Performance" to gain further league wide draft insight. Who is the best drafting team? Who is the best drafting GM of all time? Explore this area to find out.

Draft TracKing Progress Update

  • Draft data for all NHL teams is live as well as assiciated draft analysis.
  • We are currently working on the 2018 Mock Draft!

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  • Please contact us with any questions/concerns/enhancement requests at admin@drafttracking.com